Credit Reporting Components for Dot.Net

Rapidly add Powerful Consumer Credit Reporting Features to Fraud, Collection, Id Verification and Lending Systems

NEW! CreditSharp now provides Portfolio Analysis and Comparitive Analysis features in CreditSharp Extension!

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version 2022.7 and above now provides support for The Work NumberĀ® from Equifax, the industry-leading centralized commercial repository of income and employment information in the U.S. With a hand full of instructions, your system can obtain employer provided payroll information to augment your identity verification, credit application and lead generation systems.
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Building on the success of the Credit++ Toolkit®, Luxor Technologies, Inc. has created ®.
is a managed code based suite of components bringing the best in credit reporting technology to any Microsoft-based system; or any non-Microsoft system through the free WebAPI Credit REST Service.

  • Thread Safe
  • Dot.Net 4.0 and above
  • Dot.Net Core
  • COM Enabled for Legacy System Support
  • Supports Equifax, Experian and TransUnion
  • Supports Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada
  • Provides Merged and Un-Merged Data Sets
  • Generates easy-to-read reports and XML, JSON data feeds
  • Over 1,800 Attributes from any bureau or combination of bureaus
  • Create your own custom attributes
  • Enables customized business decisions
  • Includes a Microsoft WebAPI Credit REST Service


Connect to Equifax, Experian and TransUnion's web services. Now including Equifax and TransUnion Canada. Provide simple, name and address and bureau subscriber settings and receive the bureau response data from the Connect's RequestProduct method.


Parse bureau data into usable datasets. Convert bureau data into Luxor's common data format using the Datamart's Parse method. Merge and dedup data using the Datamart's MergeData method.


Create easy-to-read credit reports with a wide array of options and XML or JSON data feeds using the Report class's FormatReport method. Reports are suitable for all types of lending and collections applications.


Utilize thousands of business data attributes from merged or un-merged data using the AnalyzeData class. Data attributes are suitable for making a wide variety of decisions and custom scores. Inject the AnalyzeData class into the Report object to add customized business summarizations to the completed report.

WebAPI REST Service

Expose all the feature of to ANY system with the free, WebAPI Credit REST Service.
  • Request multiple bureaus, reports, attributes, raw data and normalized data through a single REST JSON request
  • Runs as a local Microsoft IIS Web Site on your internal network
  • Requires only a network connection and the Framework Dll

CreditSharp Extensions

Expands the features of providing a host of impressive business functions and shortcuts greatly simplifying more complex operations.

  • Comparative Analysis
    Compare the content of two credit bureau pulls to determine how a consumer's overall credit picture has changed.
  • Portfolio Analysis
    Accumulate aggregate credit information on an entire group of consumers for measuring overall portfolio quality.
  • Attribute Generation
    Quickly implement code for retrieving credit data attributes on a report by report basis, using either custom definitions or one (or more) predefined CreditSharp variables.
  • Report Creation
    Quickly implement code for generating one of the various output report formats available from the core CreditSharp framework.

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